Little Fandom Creations

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Back in 2015, when the Pop! Vinyl trend was already in full swing, I got my first two figures, and started a collection that continues to grow and expand with my interests.

But there were some gaps that I knew Funko would never fill. A soft spot for a long loved show from my childhood, characters from favorite books that would never be made into movies or a series, fandoms and characters that were not popular enough or have unattainable licenses. After seeing others had branched out and made their own, I decided to do the same.

Over the last two years, working to make my own figures, I’ve learned to sculpt, reshape, and mold pre-done or DIY Pop vinyls to meet my wants.

And then I ran out of characters I wanted that weren’t being made by Funko already.

Which is when I opened Little Fandom Creations.

I love making the Pops, so being able to make them for others is fulfilling the hobby I enjoy while giving others figures they wanted as well. Be it sci-fi or fantasy, weddings or sports, or even just one of themselves, I like to do affordable creations for fellow collectors.